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the intersection

A friend of mine was waiting to turn left at an intersection. Traffic coming the other way was completely stopped for a light. And even though oncoming cars had absolutely nothing to gain by driving 10 feet further into the intersection, one of the drivers refused to give him room to turn.

My friend flashed his lights and motioned for the guy to stop.

Instead, the guy blocked his turn and flipped him the bird.

My friend's wife opened her door, stepped out of the car, walked across the intersection...


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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 11:42:43 -0500

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Davaosale.com brains Hermes Diomela

Davaosale: Trading the Dabawenyo way
EVER experienced going from one house to another, or from one office to another, just to offer whatever item you want to sell? Wouldn't it be good if you will be able to sell your wares with just a click?

Davaosale.com brains Hermes Diomela, Mark Wendel dela Cruz, and Valentine Apostol encountered the same trouble back in their college days at the Ateneo de Davao University that prompted them to think of a solution.

Get updates and join Dabawenyos Kadayawan 2008 celebration

The three are best of friends in college and were all working as student assistants. Being chat addicts, they are not new to the power of the Internet in bringing messages across continents. They first tapped MiRC chat as a venue for them to go into buy-and-sell.

"Pero ang problema namin is madali mawala yung posts namin sa MiRC. Kaya we thought of another way to post our products. We came across the software PHPBB. Ito yung ginamit naming sa pag-create ng gaming website na davaosale.com," Diomela said.

Each of the three invested P700 for them to be able to buy an Internet domain worth P600 and fee for a one-year hosting worth P1,400. Davaosale.com was officially launched on March 15, 2004.

Diomela said they started inviting their chatmates and friends to visit their website, www.davaosale.com, and slowly they gained followers.

One year after their launch, davaosale.com averages at least 5,000 hits per day or 150,000 per month.

Diomela said that from the hits, they are paid by Google for their use of the American company's Adsense software. They receive about P15,000 per month from Google for using Adsense in their website.

Davaosale also earns from the premium membership fees of P500 per year. He said premium members of their website are given the priority to post their products on the website.

Majority of their income are, however, generated from banner ads. They charge monthly fee for the banner ads. Though refusing to divulge how much they averagely earn from the website, Diomela said it is just enough for them to live a decent life.

A visit at the website showed that there are a number of categories for viewers to select to depending on the items they are wanting to buy or sell. The categories range from automobile, agriculture, apartments, beauty and fragrances, books, magazines, cameras, computers and its accessories, clothing, gift items, food and wine, game consoles, health and fitness, jewelries, medical equipments, pets, toys and even human services.

Diomela said the items banned from their website are sex services, drugs, and fake items. He admitted though that some customers were still able to post fake items for sale in their website.

Website moderators are however at hand to address and delete posting of banned items.

Maximize Google Adsense Revenue

How To Maximize Google Adsense Revenue

Google has enjoyed a reputation as one of the most popular searching the web engine in the overall World Wide Web. Every era Google affects a adjustment or most every tad it launches a new program, webmasters are adamant to understand it. I bet you can make out how the Google Adsense application has in put in for you as a webmaster or website owner. For the few who have merely raised their brows out of innocence – or ignorance perhaps, was reading on and obtain more about Google Adsense.

How To Get Maximum Revenue From Google Adsense

What makes Google Adsense so popular among web resellers and webmasters is the fact that Google Adsense plan yields immediate certain results compared to 2nd tier affiliate programs. It permits advetisers and online web marketers to gain the highest possible revenue from ads and links. How do you spot on maximize the revenue you get according to your Google Adsense ads or links?

Here are 5 guidelines to permit you maximize the profit generation of Google Adsense:

• In making use of the Google Adsense program, take note such a vertical scrapers yield a even better interest rate of positive result. But just to give you the windfall of the doubt, you can do A/B testing to see for yourself how is best to utilize.

• Google Adsense provides webmasters to customize their Google Adsense ads. Because of this, you can actually customize the links, borders and color themes of your ads. One tip is the present borderless Adsense web banners compose more. Just use creativity and of course, ordinary sense.

• Use keywords in the content. But do not overdo it. Remember that Google is smarter than you think and overdoing keywords may mean a red flag from it. And another thing to remember is to include merely the a large number of relevant keywords, otherwise; they are able to be of no use.

• If you want to have the most specific and credible monitoring consequences of your Google Adsense revenue, you should steer clear of clicking your own Google Adsense ad or link. In working at so, you are supplied the a good number of appropriate approach of monitoring the revenue generation.

• If you want to monitor the possible outcome of your Adsense ad or link for the various sub-sections of the website, you should create an Adsense channel. The Adsense channel is planning to show you how well your ads or links are doing. They can moreover notify you how factors you need to improve in your Google Adsense ad.

Google Adsense has certainly its own positives in terms of web re&wshyp;selling or web re&wshyp;selling and earning generation. It is all in the Google Adsense techniques that you use. Geared amid the correctly Google Adsense tactics, you can be guaranteed of a thriving use of Google Adsense.

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Keyword Prices

Other Shoe on Keyword Prices, Clickfraud

Last week there was buzz about how paid search is slowing, this week Fathom Online, which maintains a monthly keyword pricing index, reports that in fact prices dropped for paid search terms, by an average of two percent. Release is here.

I don't know how you all feel out there, but I sense a backlash of sorts building toward paid search. The story has been too rosy, for too long. Journalists and Wall St. analysts are starting to look hard for chinks in the armor.

One of the most interesting, from my point of view, is clickfraud. I've been talking at length to a fellow who is a significant advertiser on Google and other paid search networks, and he is literally exhausted from chasing down all the fraud that is plaguing his ad buys, and really angry with Google for not being responsive to his requests for relief. I'll be writing up that story and posting on it shortly, but if you have any information or insights on clickfraud, send em my way, or post em here.
Update" Charlene Li calls Google a "one trick pony" in this Bweek article, and SES show had a session on clickfraud, covered in this MediaPost piece. Why does every piece covering clickfraud end with a vague handwaving by someone saying "Smart companies are working on this, don't worry about it..."? Other Shoe on Keyword Prices, Clickfraud

Keywords For Ad Buyers: Pay Up
It's costing more and more to link Net ads to popular search terms

Even Google's biggest boosters expressed surprise at the results. On Feb. 1 the search giant reported $400 million in net earnings for fiscal '04 -- a whopping 278% gain -- on revenue of $3.2 billion. What accounted for the outsize profits? The high prices Google charges for search keywords, for one. Industrywide, they were up an average of 43.7% last year, according to search marketing firm iProspect.com Inc. And the most sought-after words have become far more dear: ``background check'' rose 258% in a year. On the day of the earnings announcement, Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt told analysts: ``There does not seem to be price resistance'' from advertisers.

Still, with keyword prices soaring, businesses from eBay Inc. (EBAY) to EspressoZone.com are rethinking how they use this powerful advertising medium. ``It's incumbent upon us...to figure out how to moderate these quite significant increases in media costs,'' eBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman declared in January following disappointing fourth-quarter results, when rising search marketing costs helped pinch profit margins.

To ensure they get the best bang for their search-advertising buck, eBay and others are doing everything from using different search keywords to redesigning their Web sites. The goal: getting folks who click on their search ads to actually buy something. ``Search advertising takes a significant amount of testing, work, and knowledge,'' says George Collins, CEO of EspressoZone.com, a seller of coffee items in Ashtabula, Ohio. ``Otherwise you're just wasting money.''

The approach to purchasing keywords is changing fast. Companies bid to place their ads alongside keywords relevant to their products. A travel agent, say, might bid on ``Caribbean cruise'' and ``airline tickets.'' But many advertisers have found such generic keywords to be pricey and less likely to cover the ad cost. Instead, they are bidding on a larger array of more specific keywords: a telecom company might choose ``wireless plan'' rather than ``cell phone'' in an effort to lure the most interested buyers. In the past year the average advertiser's roster of keywords grew by 50%, according to Efficient Frontier Inc., a Mountain View (Calif.) company that manages $100 million in keyword purchases for its clients.

At the same time, online sellers are looking for ways to capture customers after the search ad has directed them to their Web site. There's plenty of room for improvement. Commerce sites typically convert 2.4% of visitors into customers, according to a study by retailer association Shop.org. The proliferation of broadband should help lift that number. According to e-tailers, broadband users are as much as twice as likely to become paying customers than those using dial-up modems, which slow shopping.

E-Tailers also are researching how visitors navigate their sites and are working to better convert them into long-term customers. One way: customizing the e-tailer's ``landing page'' -- where the searcher is first directed -- to a specific keyword. That makes it easier for a customer to get the info she wants and more likely that she will buy.

One company especially adept at converting search ads into customers is Shopping.com. Thanks to its improved presentation of information on prices, availability, and the like on a wide range of products, the comparison-shopping site says it raised conversion rates on those products by more than a third. That means each search visitor became one-third more valuable, making it easier for Shopping.com to afford the rising cost of keywords. And that, of course, is great news for Google. From NEWS: ANALYSIS & COMMENTARY

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Made for Adsense (MFA) WebSites


Made for Adsense (MFA) relates to web templates (or even complete web sites) that were built solely with Adsense in mind. The internet has become riddled with both MFA templates to supposedly to help you make easy money, and professional MFA designers who plague the Adwords network for their own financial gain.

How does it work

MFA comes in three forms:

MFA Optimized Templates

The majority of people using MFA simply download a free MFA template with one thing in mind - selecting keywords to display high paying ads. The idea is to work closely with Adwords to attract people to the MFA site whilst paying low keyword costs. Then, in the other hand you take large pay per click costs back simply because the ads on the landing page are all high value. Thankfully, this technique no longer works due to Smart Pricing. See the Smart Pricing section for more details.

MFA Sites

The other form of MFA is MFA sites. These sites were created by publishers simply because of Adsense and offer no interesting or relevant content. This really is the darker side of MFA and a really annoying one for most Adsense publishers.

Note: If you ever see someone offering a MFA site that can help you earn 1000's of $'s a month, avoid it!! They're all con artists and while you think you are earning you are really being ripped off. These people usually use you to set up an Adsense account because their own has probably been banned and they can't set up another one.

MFA Web Designers

To say that all MFA is bad is a lie, some really good web templates are highly optimized for Adsense but were designed with good content in mind. These templates are from professional designers who are using MFA as a keyword to attract more people to their web design skills. In these cases, it's a great choice for beginners who may not have the time to design images and web layouts and want to focus more in experimenting with Adsense.

The dark side of Adsense

A nasty trend has developed with the rise of Adsense where some Adsense publishers just spend their time creating MFA sites with no content and just ads. These publishers have plagued the Adwords network with cheap paying keywords so they can increase they're own Adsense earnings. A large number of honest Adsense publishers have become increasing annoyed and have started a fight back. One of the best tools against these sites is the Competitive Ad Filter which can be used together with a MFA backlist of all URL's paying low cost per click values..

Smart Pricing

Smart pricing is Googles answer to arbitrage. Publishers using Adwords (or similar) to attract people to high paying landing sites have one key giveaway - CTR. If you remember CTR is short for click-through-rate. Basically how many clicks per page impression. If your site has a high CTR than you will be subject to Smart Pricing soon enough. Smart pricing ensures that the price per click that you receive is greatly reduced compared to the average price people bid for. We have heard stories where Smart Pricing has reduced the cost per click down to around 10% of the maximum cost per click! This is an amazing drop.

Essentially, the keyword cost (using adwords) becomes higher than the average cost per click on the landing page. As you can imagine this change leads to a lose in profits not a gain. See our diagram below:

Tips and Tricks

Use the Competitive Ad Filter to block out low paying advertisers such as Made for Adsense (MFA) sites

Use the Adsense Preview tool to regularly visit URL's that are appearing on your pages. You might just pick up on one or two MFA sites that are draining your earnings by advertising junk

Do not use MFA templates unless you intend to create content rich sites and offer something to people other than just ads

Report MFA sites to forums and help the fight to block out MFA altogether
Read More About MFA

Made for AdSense

Some scraper sites are created for monetizing the site using advertising programs such as Google AdSense. In such case, they are called Made for AdSense sites or MFA. This is also a derogatory term used to refer to websites that have no redeeming value except to get web visitors to the website for the sole purpose of clicking on advertisements.

Made for AdSense sites are considered sites that are spamming search engines and diluting the search results by providing surfers with less-than-satisfactory search results. The scraped content is considered redundant to that which would be shown by the search engine under normal circumstances had no MFA website been found in the listings.

These types of websites are being eliminated in various search engines and sometimes show up as supplemental results instead of being displayed in the initial search results.

Google offers a domain parking service tailored for this kind of site. These supposed parked domains often run Google Adwords to attract more visitors to their site in the hopes that they will click on Adsense ads and generate a greater return than the original cost of the Adwords click. For many this has been a successful business plan, and one that Google has failed to combat.

Tips and Tricks

How quickly does the Adsense reporting refresh? Well it certainly isn't real time, but most figures are usually updated every 30 minutes. If you are an Adsense addict and constantly watch your adsense earnings then you can download various free tools to see real time figures. These tools utilize the Google SDK.

Invalid clicks? Sometimes you may come across a strange number of clicks compared to Page Impressions. For example you might have 7 clicks but only 2 impressions. Rest assured this is handled quite well by Google these days and you will only be credited for the actual number of genuine clicks. We recommend that if you see large numbers of clicks, then you should report them to Google immediately.

Improving CTR. The CTR value is the real key to determining performance of you ads. If you are able to increase your average CTR you will ultimately increase your revenue. See our optimization section for details on this.

Remember that some advertisers opt to pay per 1000 impressions instead of per click. These will not show up as click values but just in the earnings column. Read More about Adsense Reports